On the banks of the Nantes/Brest canal the Cistercian abbey of Bon-Repos is a welcome rest stop ; culture and history in a superb environment ; the Quenecan forest, the Daoulas Gorges, the covered alleys of Liscuis dating from 3000 BC

Founded in 1184 by Allain the third of Rohan and Constance of Brittany, the abbey has known centuries of prosperity and periods of crisis such as the revolution which put a final end to it.

Sold as a national property it gradually fell into disuse until it became a stone quarry. It was in 1986 that a handful of enthusiasts founded the association of the friends of Bon Repos Abbey to revive this 18th century building and to give it back it's place in the culture of central Brittany.

Today, Bon Repos Abbey welcomes thousands of visitors throughout the year who come for the events held here and to discover the restored buildings highlighted by numerous contemporary art and heritage exhibitions .

Virtual guided tours are made possible thanks to digital tablets and the 360 ​​° images of the rooms on each floor.