Chapelle Notre-Dame de QuelvenLieu-dit Quelven56310 GUERNFRANCE

Quelven chapel was built at the end of the 15th century. On the keystone of the transept, you can see the coat of arms of Cibo, Bishop of Vannes from 1490 to 1502, which helps to date the chapel. Its size is pretty impressive for a chapel at 28 metres long and 70 metres high. Inside, there are some outstanding art works such as the baroque organ from 1709 and the Vierge Ouvrante (The Opening Virgin). Beside the chapel there is a Scala Santa, “The Holy Stairs”. According to Christian tradition they were the stairs that Jesus climbed for his judgement by Pontius Pilate who sentenced him to the crucifixion. Here the Scala Santa used to welcome those, of the large crowd of believers who came for the pardon, that could not stand in the chapel.

Exterior accessible - Inside generally open from 10 am til 7 pm.

The Pardon of Notre-Dame de Quelven is usually held on on the 15 August.

Opening periods :  Open all year