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Avenue des Cités Unies56300 PONTIVYFRANCE

Phone :  +33 2 97 25 25 05

Lavandier is a butcher's shop and charcuterie specializing in pork products. In Pontivy, we make our products in the spirit of the real traditional charcuterie with cooking, smoking and conservation techniques inspired by the pork butchers of the past.

Three awards won at the 'Concours Général Agricole'- for pâté de campagne, andouille and La Joséphine dried sausage, Le Lavandier produces meat products without colourings or preservatives. All our hams, sausages, pâtés, pudding or rillettes are made with a natural pepper seasoning, onions and spices that we select ourselves for more taste and flavour. We bake our products using traditional cooking techniques such as hot baking, which guarantees excellent pasteurization and better preservation. The meat is smoked in our old-fashioned smoking room and our brine is made with Guérande salt.

Opening periods :  Open all year