Region of art and history

The key factor that has influenced the history of Rohan country is it’s location in central Brittany. Today, the historical and cultural riches of the Pays des Rohan are the subject of significant recognition with the award of the label ‘Pays d'art et de histoire’ by the Ministry of Culture following the National Council on December 04 2019.

Château des Rohan Pontivy ©OT Pontivy Communauté




 Obtaining the label ‘Pays d’art et de histoire’ will benefit the region by creating a new service to implement the Pays des Rohan heritage project. The project is the fruit of the concerted work of around 150 contributors; elected officials, technicians and residents.

5 unifying themes emerged from this work:

- Heritage linked to the Rohan family;

- The heritage of the Napoleonic century;

- Nature and rurality;

- Industrial heritage;

- intangible cultural heritages.


 A total of 17 actions have been planned for the next 10 years, including:

- The development of scientific research on our heritage

- The development of a high-quality communication offer, for all audiences: conference visits, publications, interpretation circuits, as well as fun and interactive discoveries. Keep an eye out, the development of this offer is coming!

- Supporting communities, municipalities and individuals in the maintenance, restoration and rehabilitation of heritage.



 For more details, you can view our official brochure:


Chapelle Saint Gildas - ©Emmanuel Berthier


Abbaye de Bon Repos - ©GANIOVECCHIOLINO Jerome


Peinture Kernascleden - ©Michel Langle


Promenade Canal de Nantes à Brest ©OT Pontivy Communauté


Bocage Séglien ©OT Pontivy Communauté


Château des Forges ©Ot Josselin