Guerlédan Dam

Nestled in the dip between the hills, Lake Guerlédan meanders through the Blavet Valley, each turn showing a different facet of its personality. Great for family walks and swimming, it is also a perfect playground for climbers, water skiers and hikers.

 Guerlédan Dam

Barrage de Guerlédan

Barrage de Guerlédan

At the end of the First World War, electricity was a precious and scarce commodity, especially in rural areas. The construction of a 40-metre-high dam, in a place called Guerlédan, to supply electricity to nearly a third of Brittany, was seen as madness. It took the audacity of sub-prefect Joseph Ratier and the determination of engineer Auguste Leson for the project to see the light of day. Lake Guerlédan dam’s power station is still used today at times of high electric consumption.



Swimming and leisure nature

L'Anse de Sordan

L'Anse de Sordan

L’Anse de Sordan in Saint-Aignan

L’Anse de Sordan is dedicated to nautical pleasures and swimming. A landscaped beach delights young and old. Games for children as well as rental of pedalos and canoes. Lakeside bar and restaurant. Unsupervised bathing, Swim at your own risk


L'Anse de Guerlédan in Mûr-de-Bretagne

L'Anse de Guerlédan offers a beautiful view of the Guerlédan dam.  Here you will find 12 mountain bike circuits and canoe rental. To reach the shore and discover one of the rocky outcrops of Caurel Wood, you can go down the narrow steps of the Departmental Outdoor Centre (Base Départementale de Plein Air).

Landroanec in Mûr-de-Bretagne

Landroanec is accessible to people with disabilities, has a pontoon for fishing and is a suitable place for swimming with the possibility of renting canoes. Unsupervised bathing, swim at your own risk


Beau-Rivage in Caurel

Beach with picnic tables, bars and restaurants, boat trips and water sports, something for all ages to enjoy!

Discover the largest lake in Brittany on foot.


The full Lake Guerlédan circuit (40 km) is open from March 1 to September 30. Why not try one of our all-inclusive stays?


Map of the Tour de Lac de Guerlédan