Discover our fishing territory !

Fishing with us is a tradition!


It has become a speciality in places such as Lake Guerlédan, the river Blavet, the streams ...
We have hosts who specialize in fishing accommodation, certified by the Morbihan Fishing Federation
- the Vallon de Kerlenn in Guern
- Gîtes de Botponal in St-Aignan.



An experienced fisherman will favour fast flowing waters richly populated with trout. Amateurs and beginners will choose the calmer waters of ponds, the river Blavet and the Nantes-Brest canal.
There are white fish and carnivores and if like me you prefer to eat them than to fish for them, our restaurateurs offer them on their menus.


More info on the website of the Morbihan Fishing Federation Here!

Added extra: Fishing permits are on sale at the Tourist Office, so what are you waiting for?