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Climbing, horseriding and karting.


7 rue Amiral Dordelin Celtic Submarine 356100 LORIENTFRANCE

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Want to take off? In Lorient, the Escal'Ouest shipping company offers a 50-minute cruise to discover the treasures of the island of Groix. A jewel of the Ponant Islands, where nature is superbly preserved.

Going to Morbihan without stopping on an island is like visiting Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower! Emblems of the region, the islands of Morbihan are destinations of choice, between sea spray and lush nature. Specialist mini-cruises, Escal'Ouest provides year-round quality service, with crossings between Lorient and the island of Groix, classified Natura 2000. Groix has an exceptional natural heritage, punctuated wild creeks, and a wonderful rocky coastline. Between hiking and bike paths, in Port-Tudy with Breton charm, beaches on the east of the island, not to mention the megaliths, fountains and wash-houses, which tell the walkers the history of this island with a thousand faces . The company Escal'Ouest also offers visits to the famous harbour of Lorient. The opportunity to discover all the secrets of the mysterious city of five ports ...

Departures of cruises and crossings: de Lorient (The base) and Port Louis (La Pointe)

Opening periods :  Open all year